Traffic law Enforcement Management

With the sharp growth in the number of vehicles, the spread of uncivilized driving behavior and violations, including driving without a plate, using a fake plate, using other’s plate, and blocking the plate, has been increasing the difficulties in traffic management and law enforcement these days.

Based on the traffic law enforcement system for electronic vehicle identification, Genvict, tapping the characteristics of electronic vehicle identification, which features fast recognition speed, high accuracy, long identification distance, long life span and all-weather service, and with handheld and on-board law enforcement device, has formed a traffic law enforcement network integrating inspection, verification and penalty. Genvict has also built up an electronic evidence chain in transportation safety management ranging from vehicle information collection, vehicle identification to traffic law enforcement, and has finally realized meticulous transportation management, electronic evidence collection, seamless supervision, intelligent law enforcement and scientific decision-making.

The traffic law enforcement system can improve the perception and collection of the road transportation information, fundamentally curb transportation violations, and achieve efficient control of traffic law enforcement.